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With technology as the foundation and premium product as the core, we are committed to buiding a global market for ultra-efficient N-type and P-type solar cells. We are actively expanding our presence in Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Americas, setting up strategic partnerships and accelerating the pace of our expansion into both domestic and internafional markets with a global perspective efficiently. Currently, we have also established a top-notch photovoltaic R&D center and production facility in Europe.
Raw Material Control
We rigorously select with due diligence regarding raw material suppliers, and conduct comprehensive quality inspections on materials before production.
  • Production Monitoring

    By using advanced automated production equipment with intelligent information acquisition and analysis system, we monitor every link of the production process to effectively avoid potential quality defects in the production process.

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection

    We conduct strict quality control on the products before delivery to minimize the risk of faults and ensure the interests of customers. All product data and infor-mation will be stored in the MES system for at least 30 years.

Euronergy is a pioneering European PV company at the forefront of advanced back-contact solar cell and module technology...



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