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U-IBC 1.0

The metal contact area heavily
doped SiO₂/SiN, surface passivation
The positive and negative metal contact areas on the back of U-IBC 1.0 are heavily doped by diffu- sion, which effectively reduces metal area recombination and improves cell conversion efficiency: It uses lightly doped n+ front surface field (FSF) and silicon oxide/silicon nitride stack. Field passivation and chemical passivation are performed on the front surface by using a layer of film to reduce recom- bination and improve cell conversion efficiency.

U-IBC 1.0

U-IBC is lamenated with flat soldering ribbon
The unique U-IBC two-dimensional encapsulation technology, decrease stress in the encapsulation- process, reduce the possibility of micro cracks in the production, transportation amd installation processes. This innovation also decelerates the power degradation of the module.
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