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U-IBC 2.0 Series New Products Fully Unveiled, Euronergy Shines at Intersolar Europe 2024

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On June 19, Intersolar Europe 2024, the world's largest and most far-reaching international solar professional exhibition to date, opened grandly in Munich, Germany. The three-day industry event brought together photovoltaic companies from all over the world and showcased advanced technologies and products covering the entire photovoltaic industry chain.


As a European high-efficiency U-IBC photovoltaic product and solution provider, Euronergy launched a more efficient and reliable new U-IBC 2.0 series of modules based on the local European market demand. At this exhibition, Euronergy brought U-IBC 2.0 products and technical solutions to fully demonstrate its latest developments in PV.


Euronergy U-IBC 2.0 series photovoltaic modules use the independently developed U-IBC 2.0 cells and creatively apply planar electrical connection (PEC) technology and insulating encapsulation composite (IEC) instead of the traditional soldering ribbon connection method, the cells are connected to the conductive foil with conductive adhesive to achieve no grid line blocking on the front of the cells. The cell conversion efficiency can reach more than 25.5%. At the same time, the encapsulating process has low stress, which can effectively reduce hidden cracks during production, transportation and installation, as well as  reduce the degradation of module power. The first year power degradation is less than 2%, and the module efficiency is increased by 5%-8%, which better meets customers' needs for efficient and clean energy.


The U-IBC 2.0 series products unveiled at Euronergy this time include full black single glass module Wisteria, full black flexible module Dandelion, colored flexible module Hydrangea, Balcony Solar System, and BIPV tile Twayblade.


Among them, the U-IBC2.0 full black flexible module (54 cells) has its unique PEC technology, self-developed IEC packaging materials, a lightweight design of only 2.5kg/㎡ and a thickness of only 2mm, more excellent weak light response performance and more suitable for local European application scenarios. In April this year, it was selected into the Solar Solutions Bremen Innovation Boulevard, and successfully shortlisted as the 2024 Intersolar "the Smarter E Award" finalist, and it has become the star product of this exhibition. On the morning of the 19th, Frank Hochmuth, Euronergy’s technical director  was invited as a company representative to give a speech at the Intersolar Forum, introducing the company's technology development route and current achievements to the audience, demonstrating Euronergy's determination and strength to persist in technology and product innovation.


In addition to full black flexible module, Euronergy also pioneered the application of "lightweight, flexible, and efficient" characteristics to balcony solar and more diversified application scenarios based on this. The balcony solar system using flexible modules and the customizable small-size color flexible modules exhibited this time also attracted many professional to stop and learn about it.


As the ultimate combination of photovoltaics and roofs, Euronergy's customizable U-IBC 2.0 photovoltaic tiles are also popular among the audience. It integrates power generation, wind protection, waterproofing, and fire protection. Its weight is more than 50% lower than that of traditional photovoltaics + roofs. It is easy to install and has reliable performance. It is the first choice for BIPV solutions.


Adhering to the concept of "Innovation Powers the Future", Euronergy also makes strategic deployments for smart energy and carefully develops the intelligent and efficient Soraya system. As a solar power generation system that integrates power generation, inverter, and energy storage, Soraya can meet the needs of various occasions and broaden the applicable scenarios for product selection in specific European countries. At this exhibition, Euronergy previewed the new product of the Soraya system that will be launched soon.


Many industry insiders agree that among the many brands and products on site, the Euronergy U-IBC 2.0 series is refreshing, and its innovation, practicality, and efficiency are unmatched. They are eager to establish cooperation with Euronergy as soon as possible to apply Euronergy's high-quality photovoltaic products to actual projects, and they also look forward to Euronergy bringing more high-value and high-efficiency products in the future.


Euronergy is a pioneering European PV company at the forefront of advanced back-contact solar cell and module technology...



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