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Euronergy debuts at Solar Solutions Bremen, U-IBC series becomes the highlight of the exhibition

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From April 17th to 18th, Solar Solutions Bremen, the leading exhibition for sustainable professionals in North Germany was held grandly at Messe Bremen.


As a local supplier of high-efficiency U-IBC photovoltaic modules, Euronergy adheres to the concept of "Innovation Powers the Future-European Design for Europe" and makes its debut with the U-IBC series of high-efficiency modules. After showcasing the classic U- IBC1.0 single-glass and double-glass modules, U-IBC 1.0 BIPV photovoltaic tiles, and the newly developed U-IBC 2.0 lightweight modules, we have attracted many professionals to stop and learn more.


Among them, the U-IBC2.0 lightweight module with its sleek aesthetics, unique planar electrical connection (PEC) technology, independently developed insulating encapsulation composite(IEC) packaging material , weight of only 2.5kg/㎡, and thickness of only 2mm, the all-black appearance, better low-light response performance and more suitable for local application scenarios in Europe resulted in its awarded position among the Innovation Boulevard. Euronergy's exclusive display area on Innovation Boulevard attracted an endless stream of visitors, making it the most eye-catching product in the entire venue. It also attracted many photovoltaic module dealers, distributors, manufacturers, installers, and service providers to the booth for consultation.    

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At the exhibition, another flagship product of Euronergy - U-IBC 1.0 photovoltaic tiles was also favored by everyone. This product perfectly combines photovoltaics and roofing, and integrates power generation, windproof, waterproof and fireproofing. In terms of weight, it can be reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional photovoltaic roofing. Thanks to our exclusive IBC cell technology, the front of the photovoltaic tile is unobstructed. The cell conversion efficiency can reach above 24%, and the power generation performance is also excellent under low light conditions. It is the first choice for BIPV applications. Currently, Euronergy's Spanish partners have completed multiple BIPV projects locally, bringing safer, more stable, and more efficient clean energy to local users.


Euronergy focuses on U-IBC technology, focuses on the European market, and is committed to providing customized localized products and services to customers in different countries. Euronergy has an expansive product lineup. In addition to the U-IBC 1.0 series, the Euronergy R&D team is actively developing U-IBC 2.0 products under the leadership of chief scientist and "Father of Photovoltaics", Professor Martin Green, and plans to launch it at Intersolar in 2024. We believe that with the development and launch of more high-quality products, Euronergy will be able to better help customers develop and utilize local solar energy resources in Europe, bring more efficient and valuable solutions to customers, and contribute to the development of the photovoltaic industry in Europe and even the world.

Euronergy is a pioneering European PV company at the forefront of advanced back-contact solar cell and module technology...



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